OH BOY, OH LOL heats up the Music Museum on May 18

Do you like the sweet boy image of Dave Bornea? Or do you prefer the more experienced approach of Rocco Nacino?

Does the contrast of the cute face and the ruggedly toned physique of Jak Roberto turn you on? Or would you like the all-out naughtiness of Derrick Monasterio

OH BOY, OH LOL -- as funny and sexually suggestive the title already is -- the steamy commedy show of Rocco Nacino, Jak Roberto, Dave Bornea and Derrick Monasterio will surely be an orgasmic feast. Hilariously orgasmic, that is since they are joined by comedians Tekla and Donita Nose. 

It is the second offering of the OH BOY concerts which promises to be bigger and bolder. If what we tell you here are not enough, here are the exciting parts from the presscon that will surely make you rush to the ticket counters to claim your seats for the show on May 18 at the Music Museum. 

Donita Nose comments on the naughty things that he will do with the boys

OH BOY, OH LOL Boys compete on sizes and more! 

What are the parts of their bodies that the boys wants to "grow bigger" 

After showing his butt at the Bench Fashion Show, Rocco Nacino asks: "Gusto mo ng front?" 

See you at the Music Museum on May 18! 

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